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Many of our clients are not able to constantly visit Thailand and they need new clothes, so we initiated our tailor trips aboard about 4-6 trips (can be more!) per year. We fly all over and visit many countries such as; USA, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Australia and many more.

We bring with us up to date and in demand fabric swatches (in large quantity) and style catalogs which you can get an idea and choose various designs from.


We ensure satisfaction with our personalized services. We can visit you at the comfort of your home or office where we will discuss in detail your requirements and styling options that you are looking for. We take your measurements, assist and give advice on choosing the right style and designs that would best suit you.

NOTE: If you are happy with the outcome, tell others! (and treat yourself with a chance to win a FREE shirt!) Should you have any suggestions or complaints, Let us know! So we can improve and serve you better.

All you need to do to make an appointment on our trips is fill in the form below (accurately) and we will get back to you with 48 hours!

Our scheduled trips for 2014!
Switzerland - March
Europe - May
Singapore - July
USA - August
Europe - September - October
Australia - December

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