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1. Consultation/Cloth Selection

On your initial visit to Nana Fashions, you will begin the enjoyable process of choosing the cloth from numerous rolls and swatches that we carry. We will assist you in this process by understanding your requirements through various questions so as to establish how you will primarily be using the suit and which cloth would best suit your expectations.

2. Measuring-Up

We will then take your measurements calling out the figures to an attendant. During the measurement we will also examine your physique taking into account features such as, dropped shoulder, one arm longer than the other, a prominent chest, etc. These measurements and are then transferred onto an individual paper pattern that is different for each customer.

3. Customization

After the measurement process we will then discuss with you regarding the various customization options ranging from the basic question of style preference be it one or two-button front, single or double breasted, liners inside the jacket, the number of buttons on the cuff, button colors, the width and style of lapel This is where bespoke makes all the difference as each person has their own customization ideas.

4. The First Fitting

The suit is usually ready for a first fitting within a day of the initial order. The trousers wouldn’t be hemmed, the jacket fabric are just stitched together using the least construction at this point. This enables the pattern maker to see how the pattern is on your body allowing him to make major changes in the fit at this point if needed. The Pattern maker then take notes for the tailor and pins put in place for perfectly shaping of the suit based on your physique. The fact that the suit is only put together changes like lengthening or shortening the jacket or buttoning position can be easily done.

5. The Second/Third Fitting

We will recommend at least two fittings for the suit and a third if necessary. The second fitting is where the jacket should be getting closer to the fit and comfort desired of a bespoke suit. At this stage the jacket is almost ready with the changes from the first fitting applied. Alterations are still possible at this stage All the trousers and shirt would be ready at this stage. This is the final stage before the jacket is complete where the lining will be filled-in and the buttonholes done.

6. Final Fitting

At this stage the Jacket is finished, the workmanship will have been inspected and gone through our QC. Even at this stage when you try the clothes on if minor alteration or adjustment is needed it is possible. The final sizing along with your preferences and styling details will then be written on our paper pattern and kept in our factory for future orders. After this is completed, the suit is steam pressed, packed in a suit bag and ready for pick up!

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