Frequently Asked Questions

Which browser is the best to view your site ?
  • Please use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 or higher with flash player 11.0 or higher for the best performance.
I can get cheaper deal elsewhere, why would I come to you ?
  • We can also give you 5 shirts and 2 suits for almost the same amount, however, we can assure you that the other place where you might be getting this deal from won't be providing you with 100% Egyptian cotton or Italian wool. We have vast variety of fabrics on offer and for us building customer relationship is our priority so with us what you want it is exactly what you get, however, we will not misguide and sell you something under false pretences.
Will our personal and credit information be protected ?
  • Our website is very secure and well protected, we use the latest SSL technology and certificates available and have partnered with Paypal who manage all of our credit card transactions.
Where are you located ?
  • We are located in Bangkok at 25/1 nana 4, Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok 10110
Why are you different ?
  • We separate ourselves from the rest in a lot of ways. The main one being we focus on building relationship with our existing customers and look forward to create and establish long lasting relationships with our new customers. We do not sell products to our customers. We at nana fashions aims to sell solutions to our customers by providing quality products and excellent services as desired by our customers.We offer wide range of fabrics which are well kept and organized with our staff constantly checking them to make sure there are no faults in the fabrics. We assists our customers in setting the trend!
How long do I have to wait for my orders ?
  • If the order is from abroad then it would take around 4-6 weeks due to the transporting the goods and various other procedures but if the order is made in store then it would take around 2-3 days. The size or amount of order would play a significant part in the time taken to complete and deliver. For further information feel free to contact us at Tel : (+662) 6530113-4, Fax : (+662) 6533431, Mobile : (+6681) 809-6011, E-Mail :,
How are you able to offer such affordable prices for order made shirts ?
  • We have a narrow and reasonable profit margin as we enjoy the satisfaction our customers get from experiencing our finest quality shirts. We aim to build relationships with our customers and not exploit them.
What kind fabrics are used to make shirts ?
  • We allow our customers to choose the fabric they would like. We offer finest cotton, linen, silk, etc.
Do you have customer service or support ?
  • Yes, we do. Please refer to contact us for details. As a customer we will always give you priority and will always be ready to assists you in any way we can
I have trouble paying with credit-card. Once I enter my details it does not process, What should I do ?
  • Please empty cache and clear cookies in your browser, start designing again and this time the process will easily go through.
Is it difficult to take your own size ?
  • Taking your own size is very simple! For your convenience, we have included easy guidelines which include pictures to assist you in measuring.
Do you have a local partner who can take my measurements ?
  • It is really simple to take your own measurements with the helping hand from your family or friends. We have very clear pictures to guide you in our 2D designer, You will find this process incredibly easy!
I'd like to purchase uniforms for my company, are you able to provide such services ?
I wish to sell your Tailor Made Shirts in my country, What is the procedure ?